Practice Areas

Business Law

Business formation (corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs), business governance and administration, director and shareholder disputes, intellectual property ownership and protection, sale, marketing and contract issues.

Business Litigation

Business and commercial contract, insurance, trade secret, unfair competition, consumer warranty, real estate and employment disputes and related representation in state and federal courts, including “alternative dispute resolution” (“ADR”) mediation and arbitration proceedings. Representative matters handled in the past have involved: Distribution, distributor and manufacturering contracts Sales and marketing representatives and agents Contracts for the purchase and...


Collection of business and commercial debts and obligations, from demand and negotiation through litigation and trial, or alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”), including obtaining or enforcing related pre-judgment writs of attachment or possession, and mechanics, service, contractual and judgment liens.

Complex Litigation

California Rules of Court, Rule 3.400(a), defines a “complex case” as “an action that requires exceptional judicial management to avoid placing unnecessary burdens on the court or the litigants and to expedite the case, keeps costs reasonable and promote effective decision making by the court, the parties, and counsel”. The Rules of Court impose special...

Contract Law

Evaluation and preparation of business contracts, including form-type contracts for repeated use, and one-time contracts for specific, non-reoccuring transactions, and advise and counsel concerning performance, termination and other issues relating to existing contracts. Services also include resolution of contract disputes, in state or federal court, whether resolved by jury or court (judge only) trial, or, with increasing frequency, by...

Environmental Law

We represent property owners and other persons involved as claimants or defendants in federal CERCLA and related California state actions and agency proceedings to establish liability for the investigation and clean-up of properties contaminated by hazardous substances.

General Civil Litigation

In addition to business disputes  we handle disputes of other kinds that affect our clients that might not be directly related to business transactions, including environmental, personal injury, property damage, construction, real property and neighbor disputes. We frequently act as co-counsel or associate counsel in general or business litigation where necessary to protect the interests of...

Probate, Trust and Estate Litigation

Prosecution and defense of trust and probate beneficiary claims, including claims alleging breach of fiduciary duty by trustees, executors and administrators  petitions for interpretation and enforcement of trust and will instruments, creditor and third party claims, determination and performance of trustee owners  beneficiary “common benefit” and other claims to recover litigation expense, accounting disputes, surcharge disputes, partition actions, will and trust disputes (including...